Special Vehicles

These vehicles are out with the norm! Working closely with our designers we will help make the impossible, possible. From Specialist Firefighting Vehicles, Water Bowser’s to Off-Road Vehicles and beyond. Our bespoke build process can manufacture your one of a kind solution.

Make it Reality

Working closely with our designers we will help guide you through putting your thoughts into reality. These are built to exact end-user requirements. With a dedicated team, we will work with you to ensure we have the right vehicle and chassis to meet your requirements. For customers looking for larger water or equipment capacities than the light vehicle range these are ideal.

E1 Scorpion™ Design

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The E1 Scorpion™  is equipped with a 16m or 20m High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) system, manufactured to meet the requirements of BS EN 1846, BS EN1777 and NFPA1901, and all designed and manufactured in the UK. Featuring the (optional) best-in-class, proportionally controlled “Fire-Spike” piercing lance system, the system can be delivered with up to 360-degree rotation. Water and Foam delivery is available via the boom-mounted high flow monitor (up to 6,000lpm), or via “Fire-Spike” (at 1,000lpm). Various options are available such as CCTV , inclusive of Zoom and Thermal Imaging capabilities, and our “ePump RC” remote control system (facilitating full wireless control of the HRET and all Pumping Systems). The Scorpion solution can also be fitted on ANY compliant chassis to ensure seamless integration into your fleet

The Importance of Specialist Appliances

By providing bespoke specialist appliances, Emergency One ensures that Fire Services can address unique challenges effectively. Whether it’s navigating narrow streets, accessing remote locations, or handling specific types of emergencies such as chemical spills or high-rise rescues, customised vehicles are essential. These specialised appliances can be designed with features like advanced pumping systems, specialised storage compartments, and enhanced manoeuvrability to meet the demands of various emergency scenarios.

Vehicle Types

All vehicles can be customised to your specific requirements, the below Data Sheets are only some examples of what can be achieved. Please get in touch should you have any queries.

Vehicle Type
Data Sheet
E1 Scorpion™
4 x 4 Off - Road Water Boswer
5000 Litre Water Carrier

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