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Emergency One (UK) Ltd stands as the leading manufacturer of Fire and Rescue Appliances in the UK, showcasing unparalleled expertise in crafting innovative solutions for firefighting needs. As we extend our reach into international markets, our comprehensive offerings, which include Clan Tools and Plant Ltd supplying operational equipment, make Emergency One Group your one-stop shop for all firefighting needs. Established in 1989 in Cumnock, Scotland, Emergency One (UK) Ltd has evolved from a humble beginning of six employees building five vehicles annually to becoming the largest employer in the area, with over 250 employees and market leadership in the industry. Our commitment to tailoring each Fire Appliance to individual needs ensures a bespoke and first-class experience for our customers. From pioneering achievements like The World’s First Fully Electric Fire Engine to cutting-edge E1 technology solutions such as ePumpControl and e1Fleet™ systems, innovation is the driving force behind our success.

Our passionate family of hardworking employees continues to push the boundaries of excellence, ensuring continuous improvements in appliance design, quality, and safety every day. Trust Emergency One Group for all your firefighting needs. 

The Worlds First Fully Electric Fire Engine

Our portfolio encompasses a comprehensive range of Fire and Rescue equipment, including rescue tools, car fire solutions, urban search and rescue, fire training, handling hazardous materials and much more! 

At Clan Tools our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing top-quality equipment; we strive to empower emergency responders with the tools and training necessary to protect lives in challenging situations.

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We supply a wide range of equipment for a number of applications ranging from Fire Services to Industrial Users check out what our trusted suppliers have to offer!

The Worlds First Fully Electric Fire Engine.

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