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Welcome To Europe Fotokite!

Emergency One are proud to be a distributor for Fotokite and are happy to welcome them to the European market.

The Fotokite Sigma provides firefighters with mission-critical situational awareness from elevated perspectives. Fotokite’s actively tethered UAS (unmanned aerial system) saves fleet resources by launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button; no piloting necessary. Fotokite Sigma is authorised and recognised by aviation authorities as a safer alternative to traditional tethered drones and free-flying public safety drone systems.Fotokite, Emergency One, Fire Engine, Firefighting Equipment

Deployed with the single push of a button, Fotokite Sigma does not require any setup time, calibration, or piloting. Within seconds, you and your team will be able to access aerial overviews of your incident scene to heights of 45m/150ft with the safety and reliability that firefighters demand. With 24-hour flight time and without any piloting needed, Fotokite allows for true, everyday autonomous flight. This gives fleets actionable information throughout their missions and unlocks the ability to capture full incident response records without interruption. An integrated mobile data modem also optionally streams both cameras remotely to user-specified IP addresses.

Fotokite Sigma, Firefighting equipment,

Fotokite Live is Fotokite Sigma’s native operating software. Mission critical situational awareness information is continuously available on included tablets and allows fleets to make information-driven decisions through a simple, straightforward interface. Fotokite Live’s simplicity is a testament to Fotokite’s unique technology and public safety focus: no joysticks are present to operate the system due to the fully autonomous capabilities of the Fotokite sigma. Allowing first responders to simply and safely operate their systems without drawing resources or adding operational complexity.Tablet for Fotokite Sigma, Emergency One, Firefighting equipment

The main features:

  • 24h Operation: operate as long as your mission needs it. Integration into the power supply from your vehicle keeps the Fotokite sigma operational for the duration of your mission.
  • Safe & Reliable in any Weather: reliability is one of the cornerstones of Fotokite’s technologies. While normal public safety drone use is widely limited in inclement weather conditions, Fotokite actively tethered UAS is regularly deployed in rain, snow, and windy conditions.
  • Field tested. Firefighter Approved: From live fire responses to search and recue missions. Firefighters are now using the Fotokite Sigma on a daily basis as an essential tool for their mission.

Technical highlights, Fotokite, Emergency One

The Fotokite Sigma is available in three configurations: Rooftop Box, Transport Case and Tray mount. The Rooftop Box configuration is Fotokite’s flagship configuration enabling elevated situational awareness immediately and completely hands-free. Designed for integration into a range of various vehicle types, the Rooftop configuration deploys with the single push of a button. The Transport Case configuration allows the use of the Fotokite Sigma interchangeably between vehicles and offers incident response scene flexibility when deploying the system. The Tray Mount configuration allows the close integration of Fotokite systems into the side compartments of any apparatus.

Field Tester. Firefighter Approved.

For more details or a demonstration contact us at info@emergencyone.co.uk 

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