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World’s Tallest Articulating Ladder

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Two UK Fire & Rescue Services Innovate with the World’s Tallest Articulating Turntable Ladder Appliances

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service (GMFRS) and Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) have joined the growing list of Services benefitting from the adoption of Magirus Turntable Ladder (TTL) appliances – only available in the UK and Ireland from Emergency One (E-1). Importantly, they become the first in the UK to introduce the World’s Tallest Articulating Turntable Ladder appliances to their fleet – the ground-breaking Magirus M42 L-AS.

The E-1 Magirus M42 L-AS has a working height of 42 metres, and benefits from a best-in-class 5-metre long articulating top ladder section.

When arriving at the scene, even before engaging the PTO, the Magirus TTL’s cutting edge technology aids the crew by displaying a 360° view on a 7″ dash mounted monitor, highlighting where the jack foot plates will touch down – thus enabling the crew to ensure that there are no obstructions that would inhibit maximum outreach/projection. The unique, patented Magirus “Vario” low-level jacking system is fast and intuitive, and because the appliance does not require to be lifted from the ground, compliant access and manual handling is maintained around the cab and locker spaces. Keeping all the appliance wheels on the ground whilst jacked also improves stability when parked on a slope, or icy / slippery road surfaces. From a maintenance and reliability point of view, this system also minimises lifetime stresses on the chassis and axles, ensuring that operational availability is maximised throughout the life of the appliance.

With the PTO switch engaged, the new Magirus “Sky Beam” activates and floodlights the sky above, giving the operator a clear view of any obstructions that may be overhead in the dark of night.

Operation of the “Direct Access” button brings the Rescue Cage (NIFRS went for the RC400 capable of carrying 4 people, while GMFRS selected the monstrous RC500 with hydraulic platform – equipped to carry 5 people at one time) to the ground, enabling the operator to then access the cage and ascend to 42metres all in just over 60 seconds of initially pressing the PTO switch!

Podium and turret access is best-in-class, with wide stairs, anti-slip profiles and LED deck and step edge lighting all provided as standard. Comfort is of course important, so the E-1 Magirus TTL offers the biggest operator seat in the market – heated of course!

The E-1 Magirus TTL range offers the user unrivalled levels of safety systems as standard. The “Traffic Light” system inhibits any ladder movement whilst any personnel are climbing the ladder. The ladder set itself has higher side barriers, for safer and less exposed climbing. The ladder set and cage remains stable due to the standard inclusion of the Magirus Computer Stabilisation (CS) system. This permanently active system automatically damps any dynamic movements – safer (no ladder and cage sway), more comfortable (smoother movements) and improved performance (faster movement of the ladder set is possible).

Now fully compatible with both the 32m and the 42m models, the unique Magirus RL500 Bariatric Rescue Loader system is available. With a 500kg lifting capacity, and offering full remote-control functionality of the TTL, the Rescue Loader has already established itself as the bariatric rescue tool of choice in the UK.

Mike Madsen, Managing Director, Emergency One (UK) Limited and Clan Tools & Plant Limited, commented; “We are delighted that two of the UK’s finest Fire & Rescue Services are introducing these next generation E-1 Magirus Turntable Ladders. With best-in-class operating height and performance, matched with the unrivalled speed of deployment only available from a TTL, firefighter and public safety has been significantly improved.”

Ian Grimes, Head of Fleet, Engineering & Supplies at NIFRS commented; “As part of our ongoing fleet replacement strategy, we have taken delivery of 4 Magirus Turntable Ladder appliances. The new appliances are built to the highest standard in terms of safety, performance and reliability and the £2.1m investment will enhance the operational capability of Firefighters when responding to incidents.”

Damian Walshe, Fleet Manager at GMFRS commented; “GMFRS are delighted to be introducing the new Magirus Turntable Ladders in to our front line operational fleet. They are replacing existing Hydraulic Platforms that are now over twenty-five years old. The compact design, speed of deployment and overall versatility of the new vehicles will support high rise operations and other incidents throughout Greater Manchester for many years to come.” 

Emergency One (UK) Limited at The Emergency Services Show 2018

For almost 30 years, we have been at the forefront of specialist vehicle design and manufacture in the UK. Many of our developments have become widely adopted and recognised as industry standard. With investment in R&D being one of our core principles, 2018 sees the introduction of several new projects. Please visit our Outside Stand, OS10, at the Emergency Services Show 2018 where we will showcase the new GMFRS M42 L-AS TTL appliance.

At our Inside Stand, L12, be among the first to inspect our exciting new product line, the “E1 Scorpion”.

For full details or a demonstration on any of our products please contact a member of our team on 01290 424200, info@emergencyone.co.uk or visit us at our stands (Inside = L12, Outside = OS10) at this year’s Emergency Services Show.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”827″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1559208831176{padding-top: 30px !important;padding-right: 30px !important;padding-bottom: 30px !important;padding-left: 30px !important;background-color: #f4f4f4 !important;border-radius: 5px !important;}”]

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World’s Tallest Articulating Ladder

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