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Leader Sentry Movement Monitor

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On the 22nd December 2010, a routine operation took a dramatic turn for firefighters in Chicago, Illinois.

Two of them died and 14 others were seriously injured after the collapse of a burning building. For many years this peril has always faced Fire & Rescue teams and even since this accident many others have occurred around the world.

To help prevent such accidents, there is a simple and effective solution that monitors movements of a structure and alerts rescue teams of an imminent risk of collapse or danger. Designed by LEADER in collaboration with international experts in USAR and victim location techniques, LEADER Sentry provides additional safety in operational areas where teams or crews may be working, including rescue teams, fire fighters, doctors, workers and other persons or victims.

With a simple program setting, the harmless laser ray of the LEADER Sentry monitors for the slightest movement in a structure or mass that may endanger people: unstable building, vehicle accident, landslide, rockfall, snow shift or avalanche. Two LEADER Sentry laser sensors can be linked simultaneously to monitor two different structures or two axis of movement of the same structure. If the movement of the structure under surveillance exceeds the warning threshold chosen, a powerful siren and a flashing beacon are activated to warn of an impending collapse allowing rescuers to take refuge or evacuation measures.

LEADER Sentry monitors the stability:

  • of buildings during firefighting operations (fire damaged metal structures, wooden houses or other buildings, post incident),
  • during operations of USAR – Searching for victims (after a collapse or natural disaster),
  • during the work / inspections within dangerous underground structures (Sewers, tunnels, mines….),
  • during emergency shoring and securing trenches and structures (Trenches, shorings…),
  • during securing of fragile structures (snow on roof of houses or stadium….) or dangerous unstable masses (cliffs, archaeological excavations,
  • landslides of dangerous rocks, felled tree…),
  • of wreckage during Rescue following Road traffic accidents, Railway derailments (lifting of damaged vehicles (trucks, train…) or of structures during operations of road rescue (movement or collapse of a bridge or a road structure).

Strengths of the product:

  • Simple and intuitive,
  • One or two laser heads can be plugged on the same control box to be used simultaneously,
  • A laser beam with a range of 30 meters (100 feet),
  • A 98 dB alarm and a red flashing beacon for immediate warnings of possible dangers,
  • Quick and easy programming,
  • Selectable adjustment by increments from 5 to 100 mm (0.2” to 4”) to determine the acceptable maximum threshold of movement depending on the structure and context
  • A clear display showing movement in real time with the choice of measurement (meters or inches)
  • Possibility of multi-source power to be operational in all situations
  • Automatic switchover to AA batteries back up if the main power source fails,
  • A telescopic sight enabling precise pinpointing of the laser on the targeted area,Contact us: www.leader-group.company

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