Emergency One UK Returns to Interschutz 2022 with a Splash.

The UK’s largest manufacturer of fire and rescue vehicles will be attending what is considered the industry’s most important trade show, Interschutz in Hannover June 20-25.  Managing Director of Emergency One Mike Madsen confirmed “it is essential that we are attending the event and given the opportunity to showcase what we are capable of to new and old customers alike”.

With the increase in natural disasters, political disagreements as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine and recovery from the corona virus pandemic, now more than ever it’s important for participants and attendees to come together and find solutions for the challenges of our time.

The company plan to present not one but two new appliances at the show, highlighting their drive for innovation.

After a successful launch of the world’s first fully electric fire engine the E1 EV0 in 2020, Emergency One intend on introducing the newest E1 EV0 to the public at Interschutz. The brand new E1 EV0 is fully equipped with Alison eGen Power™ 100D electric axle, providing optimal performance with no emissions. Staying in line with the original appliance the E1 EV0 mark II operates on battery power for both drive and pump capabilities. An additional on board smart charge allows the user to extend its driving range and pump duration if required but is not a necessity.

The eGen Power™ 100D electric axle integrates two high-speed electric motors and a multi-speed transmission, eliminating the need for additional drive shafts and support structures. This allows it to fit easily between the wheels, leaving critical space for battery storage. With continuous power of 536 horsepower (400 kilowatts) and peak output power of 738 horsepower (550 kilowatts), the eGen™ Power 100D is among the most powerful propulsion solutions in its class, with an architecture tuned for high gradeability and high-top speed without sacrificing efficiency. This ensures Emergency One’s fire and rescue trucks will continue to deliver incomparable performance and reliability, fast acceleration, and manoeuvrability in an application where failure is not an option, and every second counts.

The Brand New E1-Manticore™ will be present at the show and marks the vehicles first public appearance. The E1 Manticore ™ range of appliances are the latest vehicle type available from Emergency One. Designed and manufactured for airport and industrial use, the ARFF appliances are available in 4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 configurations, all of which are manufactured to meet the requirements of NFPA414 and the relevant ICAO standards for the vehicle size and type. With the option for a full High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) packaging in either 16m or 20m iterations and the largest cab in its class, the new E1 Manticore™ is unbeatable!

The Scania DC16 power-plants propelling the vehicles ensure that the vehicle type is one of the fastest in its class and are available in several Euro Emissions Standards to meet our customers’ requirements globally. The E1 Manticore™ is also available with the E1 EV0™ technology coupling it with the Scania DC16 power-plant in a hybrid parallel drive solution, producing over 1000bhp. The 6 x 6 configuration, being the most popular size, is armed with a 12,500 litre water tank, 1500 litre foam tank, an 8000 litre per minute water pump which feeds a 6000 lire per minute joystick controlled roof monitor as well as a 2000 litre per minute bumper monitor. The vehicle locker and can layouts are completely configurable to meet the end user’s requirements.

Emergency One Goes to Interschutz 2022

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