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eCleanCab/HEPA Filtration System


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Emergency One have designed and implemented a new system into our vehicles, to help facilitate a cleaner, safer, working environment.

Through extensive research, discussion and consultation with Services and ultimately end users, it was clear that the ‘clean cab’ goal was high on many an agenda. Over the years, we have developed the in-cab finishes to be less porous and easier to clean, looked to remove contaminated BA sets from the cab and other additional ways to enhance the environment for our firefighters. These developments and innovations have led us to develop our latest technology, the “eCleanCab/HEPA Filtration System”.


Although Air Filtration Systems are not new, the implementation into UK Pumping Appliance Crew Cabs is. Research has shown that firefighters are potentially exposed to dangerously high levels of harmful carcinogens throughout their lifetime amongst other particulates. Whilst the aforementioned steps and improvements have helped to minimise this exposure, we wanted to go a step further to protect our firefighters. In today’s climate, this level of protection developed from not only considering carcinogens, but also to the dangers of other airborne particulates including those corresponding to SARS/COVID-19 virus sizes (0.1 micrometers) and the need to effectively reducing the risk of infection and exposure to front line workers.


The HEPA Filtration system can be fitted into any Crew Cab with hassle free installation. Available in two versions: 300 and 600 M3/h with an automatic filter monitoring system. Removing at least 99.97% of airborne particulates, the eCleanCab is the perfect solution to providing clean air. This can be fitted to new vehicles as well as older generation / existing vehicles within your fleet.


How does it work?

This device consists of a filter and a fan. The Air Purifier pulls air in, passes it through a filter that removes small airborne particles and then dumps clean air back into the Cab – up to 10m³ fresh air every minute. It combines two main features to reduce viral loads in ambient air: a very high air volume flow for the rapid and complete filtration of the air every single minute and the extremely high removal efficiency of HEPA H14 filters.

What are the benefits?

Not only is the eCleanCab easy to install and effective, it also meets WHO/CDC/ECDC air filtration guidelines, as well as being meeting ISO / European (ISO29463 / EN 1822). The benefits do not stop there! The eCleanCab protects against several particles, including but not limited to:


  • COVID-19
  • Harmful Carcinogens
  • Harmful Airborne Chemicals
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Allergies

To find out more information about the new eCleanCab contact us!

eCleanCab by Emergency One. Air filtration system.

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