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Leader Fire Training Equipment

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Specially designed for fire safety trainers, the LEADER range of fire training equipment can be used to organise particularly realistic and dynamic fire training. Any company firefighting policy would be incomplete without training on what to do in the event of a fire. For over 20-year, LEADER has designed and manufactured fire training equipment like flame generators which perfectly meets the training  requirements of any company’s fire safety officers, whilst respecting the environment, health, and learner safety requirements.

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Leader is one of the forerunners in the design and manufacture of propane gas supplied fire extinguisher trainers. A fire trainer/flame generator that allows for the reduction of the impact on the environment, whilst reproducing intense and realistic fires with a flame height of up to 3m.

To personalise training and familiarise learners with all fire situations, LEADER has designed training modules compatible with all fire trainers (also called flame generators). These modules can simulate specific situations such as:

  • Computer screen fires
  • Bin fires
  • Power cabinet fires
  • Motor fires
  • Aerosol explosions

LEADER fire training modules allows learners to:

  • Recognise the type of fire (Class, A, B, C, D or F fire).
  • Select the correct extinguisher (spray water extinguisher, water + additive, powder, CO2 or foam).
  • Use the correct technique to extinguish the fire (spraying extinguishing agent over the fire, covering the fire with a wet cloth, etc.).

In order to supplement the fire training equipment range, Leader, the well known fire training equipment supplier, also offers different types of refillable extinguishes for fire extinguisher training; (auxiliary pressure extinguisher, permanent pressure extinguish, CO2 extinguisher). LEADER also supplies smoke generators able to create realistic smoke for safe evacuation exercises and training.

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The LEADER fire training equipment range perfectly meets the needs of fire training for any company staff whilst respecting the environment and health and safety requirements. Totally autonomous and supplied by a rechargeable 12v battery, the environmentally friendly flame simulator can be used for training without polluting or leaving residue on site (ash, non-consumer hydrocarbons). There is no need to add wood, hydrocarbons, or other fuels to the fire.

Specific Products

Fire Trainer / Flame Generator Pyros 3

Pyros 3, the most powerful fire trainer in the range, produces very powerful flames (up to 3 meters high) and high thermal radiation for realistic and impressive training. For safe training, closer to the trainee, the fire trainer is equipped with a control panel and remote controls for perfect control of the fire (ignition, extinction and flame height) and control of the gas supply. The water in the pan allows a homogenous distribution of the fire on all the surface of the pan giving it a strong thermal radiation with flames rising up to 3m high. PYROS 3, the largest flame generator in the range, has a very large fire surface area of 0.83m2.


PYROS fire trainer is well-equipped to be able to carry out training with full safety:

  • Two remote controls supplied for controlling the fire (ignition and extinction) at distance. A handy wireless remote control to accompany the trainee towards the fire, without cable and wired remote control.
  • Integrated solenoid valve for automatic and immediate gas control.
  • Emergency stop button located on the console.

PYROS 3 fire trainer has been specifically designed for ease of use:

  • Easy drainage ensured by handles for secure handling of the pan and wheels that allow the pan to be moved easily and titled effortlessly.
  • Storage space next to the igniter for the wired and wireless remote controls.
  • Storage space under the console to accommodate a bottle of a gas.

PYROS 3 Fire trainers is equipped with a control console:

  • Lightweight and stable.
  • Easy to transport: store in pan during transport.
  • Control of flame height with 2 gas supply taps and 1 flow rate adjuster.
  • 1 pressure gauge for continuous gas pressure monitoring.
  • 1 emergency stop button.
  • Possible to connect 1 to 2 bottles of industrial-type propane gas or 4 bottles of domestic gas.

Fire Trainer / Flame Generator AEROS 2

The AEROS 2 fire trainer is the ideal compromise between the power of PYROS 3 and the compactness of GF42. With a fire surface area of 0.50m2, it generates flames of 1.50m high. Compact and lightweight, it is easily transportable. With a weight of 20.8 Kg, AEROS 2 fire trainer is easily transportable. The water in the pan allows a homogenous distribution of the fire on all the surface of the pan creating an impressive oil-slick fire effect with flames rising to 1.50m high. AEROS 2 is equipped with a wired remote control for controlling the fire (ignition and extinction) at distance. In addition, the fire trainer has an integrated solenoid valve for automatic and instantaneous gas control.

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AEROS 2 flame generator has been specially designed for ease of use:

  • Easy drainage thanks to the flame generator tilting legs.
  • Increased ground contact surfaces areas, allowing it to be used on soft ground.

Fire Trainer / Flame Generator GF42

Compact, lightweight, the GF42 fire trainer is easy to carry in a vehicle. Water-free, it is simple and quick to set-up. With a fire surface of 0.42m2 it generates flames with a maximum height of 1.20m. The GF42 is 63cm wide and 70cm long and weighs 14.3kg, allowing it to be easily transported and stored in a car boot. Fire training without water, the GF42 requires no preparation before use, no water filling necessary.Firefighters, fire training, healthy and safety, extinguishing, fire, rescue, equipment



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