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Since 1985, LEADER has developed, manufactured and supplied increasingly high-performance search & rescue and firefighter equipment, we supply to Fire & Rescue Departments (Firefighters), Public Safety services, At-risk industries, the Navy and other armed forces, NGOs, etc. across five continents.

LEADER offers innovative equipment for firefighting, search and rescue, fire extinguishing training or for working in explosive atmospheres in industry:

Firefighting equipment: Fire nozzles and monitors, fire blower fans, thermal imaging cameras, foam and foam equipment, proportioners, fire hoses, fire blankets, forcible entry tools and other firefighting material and accessories.

Search and rescue equipment: Victim search apparatus with seismic sensors, search cameras, life detectors, stability monitors, SAR shoring, lifting cushions, clearance tools, motorised pumps, current/voltage detectors, etc.

Firefighting training equipment: Flame generators for realistic simulations, smoke generators, training extinguishers.

ATEX equipment for the industry: ATEX lamps, ATEX fan, ATEX firefighting pump.

With a strong national presence, LEADER is one of the top search and rescue and firefighting material manufacturers in France. Also, with a significant international presence, LEADER is one of the leading USAR equipment suppliers and firefighter equipment suppliers worldwide. LEADER S.A.S. now has over 65 employees and is part of the LEADER GROUP which is made up of 3 complementary business lines: LEADER, BIOEX and TEMPEST.

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