e1 Fleet

Emergency One Fleet

Emergency One’s design and build a variety of emergency vehicles across the UK.

E1 Fleet

Our ground-breaking optional data-logging unit allows you to connect via the internet to all “e1fleet”-enabled Fire appliances – showing the current position and operational status of the fire appliance in real-time.

All historical pumping appliance data is logged and stored on our secure remote servers, providing full and simple historical reporting facilities (includes pump usage, blue-light usage etc in addition to the standard road speed / driving information etc).

Uniquely, the system also allows engineering staff (Fire Service end-user, your maintenance / service provider and/or Emergency One) to connect remotely to the appliance, to diagnose potential faults or even to adjust and upload operational parameters / calibrations etc. as and when required.

Offering a full range of diagnostic features and vehicle intelligence at the touch of a button, the bespoke solution gives our vehicles a technological advantage.

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