The World’s First
Fully Electric
Fire Engine



The Impossible, Made Possible…

The Emergency One Group launches the E1 EV0,
the World’s First All-Electric Pumping Appliance.

Why did we design the EV0 and what was the remit?

E-1 has long been committed to positively contributing to a Low Carbon Economy. We recognise that our Fire & Rescue Service customers, whether in the UK or worldwide, require to reduce their appliance fleet emissions and carbon footprint. With this in mind, our engineers were tasked with designing a low-emission fire appliance – but with some strict criteria imposed, namely;
We did not want to produce a Hybrid vehicle, nor a concept truck, or one with limited range and operational performance, but rather we aimed to produce a next-generation solution that builds on the current features of today’s diesel-fuelled fire appliances, whilst also including many new and innovative features, designed to improve firefighter (and public) safety. In other words, a low emission fire and rescue vehicle that exceeds the current appliance specification.


Bespoke Design

With the ability to package this on a wide variation of chassis choices, and bespoke designs to match you operational requirements, the EV0 will slip seamlessly into your fleet. Whether Built to EN1846 requirements or adapted to suit your regional requirements we have the skills and knowledge to design and manufacture a bespoke solution for your needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our ground-breaking appliance and technology, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing your views on the World’s First All-Electric BS EN1846 Pumping Appliance… the Emergency One EV0 – Electric firefighting Vehicle, Zero Emissions… Zero Compromises.

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