Blue Lights, Green Energy: Emergency One Receives Funding for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project

Emergency One Hydrogen fuel cell funding, zero emission appliances, Oxfordshire county council, ULEMCo

Blue Lights, Green Energy: Emergency One Receives Funding for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project

Emergency One, the UK’s leading manufacturer of firefighting and rescue vehicles, has been awarded grant funding to produce a prototype of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered fire appliance. The concept behind this is to explore the potential of hydrogen as a clean alternative fuel for emergency vehicles. Other partners in the project with Emergency One include Altair Ltd for vehicle energy system modelling, along with ULEMCo Technical Services (UK) Ltd for cooling capability.

Emergency One and their partners have been awarded £3.9 million by the government, matched by industry to a total of £7.9 million, for a major project with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) to develop solutions for hydrogen-powered vehicles. The ‘HYER Power’ project will develop a hydrogen fuel cell range extender module that will integrate into electric vehicles used for specialist applications such as ambulances, fire engines and street sweepers.

This news follows Emergency One’s success with their fully electric-powered fire engine range E1 EV0™. The company’s first E1 EV0™ was launched in 2020 and marked the world’s first fully electric fire appliance. Emergency One aims to demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen-powered solutions for use in firefighting and other emergency response applications, with the ultimate goal of promoting the adoption of clean energy solutions in the emergency services sectors.

Emergency One Hydrogen fuel cell funding, zero emission appliances, Oxfordshire county council, ULEMCo
Figure 1: The E1 EV0™ launched in 2020

One advantage of hydrogen fuel cell technology is that it produces no harmful emissions, only water vapour, making it a greatly sustainable and environmentally friendly option. In addition, fuel cells are highly efficient and can provide long-range operation with quick refuelling, making them a solution for emergency services that need to operate in remote areas or for extended periods of time.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded funding for this project and look forward to the continuation of improving our innovations where possible.”, said Chester Smith, Director at Emergency One (UK) Ltd. “Low emission appliances have been an ongoing project at E1, one of which has proven to be difficult but not impossible given the unique set of challenges fire engines face. This investment into cleaner solutions for emergency responders is a step in the right direction and we are lucky enough to be at the forefront of what we believe is industry-leading innovation.”

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) will provide the customer input, trialling and dissemination, and the work will lead to a manufacturing-ready, zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-based range extension system for electric drivetrains. The zero-emission range extender used for HYER Power will apply existing, proven fuel cell technology from the Toyota Mirai, and will demonstrate how zero-emission vehicles can be used in a wide range of specialised and challenging settings.

Rob MacDougall, Chief Fire Officer for Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service is absolutely committed to acting towards our net zero targets and building on the work we have already done to move part of our fleet away from internal combustion engines. Heavy fire engines pose a particular challenge, and we feel that hydrogen-powered fuel cells can play a promising role in delivering on the county’s climate action ambitions.”

Councillor Pete Sudbury, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, said: “Hydrogen could play an important role in our efforts to decarbonise, especially where battery-powered electrification is challenging in heavy-duty vehicles like fire engines. I’m delighted that we are partnering with ULEMCo on this important step in exploring and advancing zero-carbon solutions. The county council’s fire & rescue service will provide operational insight while the council’s unique Innovation Hub along with the Climate Action team will work with ULEMCo to facilitate the project.”

The funding has been awarded through the Advanced Propulsion Centre Collaborative Research and Development programme, in support of ambitions to build an end-to-end supply chain for zero-emission vehicles in the UK. It is expected that the hydrogen fire engine, which will be named the E1 HV0™, will be complete by the end of 2024.

“We are delighted to see this recognition and commitment to developing hydrogen mobility as part of the solution to net zero”, said Amanda Lyne, Managing Director of ULEMCo. “Hydrogen is essential for viable zero-emission solutions in applications such as emergency response vehicles due to the rapid refuelling that enables the vehicle to be ‘fit-to-go’, and to provide the full flexibility and range required for the job. The packaging constraints and the overall energy demand needed for these vehicle drivetrains as well as the onboard equipment, mean that hydrogen solutions are the most cost-productive route to transition to zero-emission fleets. Our strong relationship with OCC will enable us to make rapid progress moving to production-ready hydrogen fuel cell designs.”

This cutting-edge work is going to mean clean, green vehicles designed and built in the UK can increasingly take on the toughest jobs, from haulage to public transport”, said Nusrat Ghani, Minister for Industry and Investment Security. “Our automotive industry keeps setting the pace globally when it comes to seizing the potential of new technologies. Today’s multi-million-pound boost will help them stay ahead of the international competition while continuing to support high-quality jobs and economic growth.”

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Clan Tools & Plant bring Seek TIC to UK Market

Clan Tools and Plant Ltd have recently teamed up with SEEK Thermal to bring new and innovative thermal imaging cameras to the UK market.

Seek Thermal was founded in 2012 by two industry pioneering scientists with 40 years’ experience in advancing military and professional grade thermal imaging technology, making them experts at what they do. They have now shipped hundreds of thousands of thermal imaging products around the world as they continue to make thermal imaging an accessible, everyday tool, so people can do their jobs safer, faster and smarter. Joining forces with Clan Tools & Plant, one of the leading suppliers of rescue equipment to fire services, local governments, and industries exclusively in the UK, it’s a match made in heaven. The two products entering the UK market through Clan Tools & Plant are the SEEK AttackPro and FireProX thermal imaging cameras.

Steven Bell, Director at Emergency One Group stated “We are thrilled to incorporate SEEK Thermal Imaging Cameras into our range of rescue equipment. We pride ourselves on providing customers with some of the best kit on the market and SEEK thermal is no exception.”

With the increase in wildfires and cost of thermal imaging cameras, Clan Tools have decided to bring an efficient and cost-effective solution to the UK Market.

The Attack Pro:

Designed with firefighters for firefighters, the AttackPRO™ thermal imaging camera offers an unmatched combination of image quality, durability, and price. With its high resolution and wide field of view, AttackPRO is the new decision-making weapon of choice for commanding officers. Mixed-gain pixel technology eliminates the visual confusion and delay of switching between high-gain and low-gain modes. AttackPRO lets you clearly see the fire and the crew, all in one detailed image. The kit comes fully equipped with the AttackPRO camera, 2 batteries, and a charging dock.

Seek thermal imaging camera, UK market, Clan Tools and Plant part of Emergency One Group introduce new Seek TIC to UK Market.


  • 320 x 240 sensor for enhanced clarity and colourization displayed at 25Hz.
  • Highly durable, IP67 rated with an operating temp of up to 500°F (260°C).
  • Wide 57-degree field of view.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery, with greater than 6 hours of continuous thermal imaging.
  • Simple operation; one button thermal operation and no confusing menus or settings.

Seek thermal imaging camera, UK market, Clan Tools and Plant part of Emergency One Group introduce new Seek TIC to UK Market.

Anoop Shinh, Sales Director at EMEA stated ‘We are excited about our new relationship with Clan Tools & Plant, being able to introduce two of our high quality and affordable thermal imaging cameras into the UK market is a massive opportunity.”

The FireProX:

Equipping every firefighter with a personal thermal imaging camera can potentially save more lives and protect property by increasing two vital parts of an emergency call: speed and safety. Reveal FirePRo™X is SEEKs most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera yet. Highly durable and easy to use, Reveal FirePROTMX combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you fight fires smarter and safer. And, when you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. Simplified charging and resistance to the elements with a sealed magnetic charge port. The Reveal FirePROTMX delivers unprecedented high-resolution thermal imaging available at this price.

Find hot spots when every second counts. See-through smoke, visualize your plan, and execute.

Seek thermal imaging camera, UK market, Clan Tools and Plant part of Emergency One Group introduce new Seek TIC to UK Market.


  • 320 x 240 high resolution thermal sensor, with 76,800 temperature pixels for maximum clarity and sensitivity.
  • Handheld operation: 2.5 x 4.75 inches, 128grams.
  • IP67-rated, durable and waterproof housing.
  • Secure magnetic charge port for foolproof connection.
  • Wide 32-degree field of view.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery with up to 3.5 hours of continuous thermal imaging.
  • Purpose-built for first responders with 3 colour modes.

Available now! To learn more about the new SEEK thermal imaging cameras or try them out, get in touch at [email protected]

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The New E1 EV Submersion Unit

E1 EV Submersion Q&A

Emergency One (UK) Ltd are delighted to present our new “E1 – EV Submersion Unit”.  The increasing problem of how to deal with Electric Vehicle (EV) fires is something that all Fire and Rescue Services need to consider.
Given that the battery element of an EV vehicle needs to remain submerged for a period of time post-ignition to ensure that it remains stable, our new containers are designed specifically for this purpose.

Our containers are compatible with existing hook lift prime movers, and allow for the containment of contaminated run-off. The front door of the container folds down as a ramp to allow easy vehicle entry (with the aid of an integrated winch system). The door is sealed, and the sprinkler system is activated and driven by a petrol powered pump (optional) once the water source has been attached. A hydraulic powered roof can be added for security and complete containment. The majority of these actions are carried out at a distance by remote control, with the container being specified around the customers’ requirements.

The container can then be moved to a secure and safe location if required.
All reflective markings and Fire Service related branding are available as standard.

Q1 – How does it work?

  • You would extinguish the car fire as you would do under normal circumstances, dealing with the initial risk in line with your own standard operating procedures. Once extinguished the vehicle can then be winched inside (using the optional integrated winch system) and secured for transport. The batteries can then be kept cool either using the integrated sprinkler system or filled and submerged to battery level. Always refer to vehicle manufacturers emergency response instructions for best method.

Q2 – What do you do with the contaminated water?

  • Each Fire Service has its own procedure for dealing with car fires and indeed the runoff water produced. In the UK this is based upon the NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) through various MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) that are in place with the respective UK Fire and Rescue services in England, Wales, NI and Scotland and their respective Environmental protection bodies. The key aims of the agreements are to:

Minimise the hazard to the environment from fire and rescue service activities, including firefighting and training, and from incidents involving environmentally harmful substances caused by a third party, without compromising the fire and rescue service’s duty to protect people.

The EV container allows you to enhance your response by containing the water. In some instances, the water contained will have little or no contamination. The individual services can deal with this on a case-by-case basis and through advice on disposal with EA or local Water Agencies.

Q3- How do you get the container to the scene?

  • The container requires transport on a Prime Mover or Hook lift. In the UK this would be like the vehicles provided through National Resilience. We would be delighted to offer a suitable vehicle specification to accompany the container as required.

Q4 – How to store the electric vehicle?

  • The main priority of the Fire Service is to make the vehicle or the area safe. With EV cars after the basic fire is extinguished there is still an element of risk in the battery cells for re ignition / thermal runaway. Our EV container will allow firefighters to relocate the EV for safe storage until the required time has elapsed, keep the battery cells cool through the sprinkler or submersion. This could be at Fire Service premises or simply used as a method of transport to pass over to your local recovery service. Each service will have a best practice in place for vehicle removal and existing relationships with recovery agencies.

Q4 – Water vs. Foam

  • From our research and knowledge there are currently no suitable or effective media agents used to extinguish an electric vehicle fire other than a lot of water! The recommendation is to keep the battery cooled for an extended period using water, through various application methods. Each vehicle manufacturer has a best practice which should be followed, but our EV container allows you to do both main recommendations, whether its cooling spray or submerged this can be achieved with minimal resource for protracted periods as required.

One Solution?

As the risk of EV fires develops, we understand there is not a ‘one solution for all’ events. We have worked closely with our customer base to develop a solution. The EV container provides the best solution on the market to deal with this evolving challenge. This is supported with our full range of EV solutions such as the latest Vetter EIS system and Leader Fire Blankets which can support any services response to the increasing risk. Contact us for more details or information at [email protected]

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Emergency One Goes to Interschutz 2022

Emergency One UK Returns to Interschutz 2022 with a Splash.

The UK’s largest manufacturer of fire and rescue vehicles will be attending what is considered the industry’s most important trade show, Interschutz in Hannover June 20-25.  Managing Director of Emergency One Mike Madsen confirmed “it is essential that we are attending the event and given the opportunity to showcase what we are capable of to new and old customers alike”.

With the increase in natural disasters, political disagreements as a result of the Russian war against Ukraine and recovery from the corona virus pandemic, now more than ever it’s important for participants and attendees to come together and find solutions for the challenges of our time.

The company plan to present not one but two new appliances at the show, highlighting their drive for innovation.

Zero Emissions, Zero Compromise.

After a successful launch of the world’s first fully electric fire engine the E1 EV0 in 2020, Emergency One intend on introducing the newest E1 EV0 to the public at Interschutz. The brand new E1 EV0 is fully equipped with Alison eGen Power™ 100D electric axle, providing optimal performance with no emissions. Staying in line with the original appliance the E1 EV0 mark II operates on battery power for both drive and pump capabilities. An additional on board smart charge allows the user to extend its driving range and pump duration if required but is not a necessity.

The eGen Power™ 100D electric axle integrates two high-speed electric motors and a multi-speed transmission, eliminating the need for additional drive shafts and support structures. This allows it to fit easily between the wheels, leaving critical space for battery storage. With continuous power of 536 horsepower (400 kilowatts) and peak output power of 738 horsepower (550 kilowatts), the eGen™ Power 100D is among the most powerful propulsion solutions in its class, with an architecture tuned for high gradeability and high-top speed without sacrificing efficiency. This ensures Emergency One’s fire and rescue trucks will continue to deliver incomparable performance and reliability, fast acceleration, and manoeuvrability in an application where failure is not an option, and every second counts.

Making a Splash.

The Brand New E1-Manticore™ will be present at the show and marks the vehicles first public appearance. The E1 Manticore ™ range of appliances are the latest vehicle type available from Emergency One. Designed and manufactured for airport and industrial use, the ARFF appliances are available in 4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 configurations, all of which are manufactured to meet the requirements of NFPA414 and the relevant ICAO standards for the vehicle size and type. With the option for a full High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) packaging in either 16m or 20m iterations and the largest cab in its class, the new E1 Manticore™ is unbeatable!

The Scania DC16 power-plants propelling the vehicles ensure that the vehicle type is one of the fastest in its class and are available in several Euro Emissions Standards to meet our customers’ requirements globally. The E1 Manticore™ is also available with the E1 EV0™ technology coupling it with the Scania DC16 power-plant in a hybrid parallel drive solution, producing over 1000bhp. The 6 x 6 configuration, being the most popular size, is armed with a 12,500 litre water tank, 1500 litre foam tank, an 8000 litre per minute water pump which feeds a 6000 lire per minute joystick controlled roof monitor as well as a 2000 litre per minute bumper monitor. The vehicle locker and can layouts are completely configurable to meet the end user’s requirements.

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Emergency One Secures Export of Electric Fire Appliance to France

Emergency One Secures Export of Electric Fire Appliance to France

Emergency One UK Ltd is celebrating following a contract with Hérault Fire Service to supply its innovative electric fire appliances and further the net zero goals for the French fire service.

Scottish Government Minister for Business Ivan McKee met with Emergency One, representatives from Hérault Fire Service and French government officials to mark the key export contract as part of a visit to France on 16 May.

The company is based in Cumnock, Scotland, and is the UK’s largest manufacturer of fire and rescue appliances now leading the way in sustainable emergency vehicles with the launch of the E1 EV0™ the world’s first fully electric fire appliance in October 2020.

Featuring from left to right : Lieutenant Colonel, General Flores, Scottish Government Business Minister Mr McKee, Kleber Mesquida and Malcolm Etridge (Emergency One)

Scottish Government Minister for Business Ivan McKee said: “The Scottish Government’s drive towards Net Zero emissions is not just an environmental imperative, it opens new markets and creates economic opportunities.

“Businesses such as Emergency One are using their expertise and ingenuity to unlock this potential. The new relationship with Hérault Fire Services has been secured against international competition and positions the company as a global leader in the sector.

“We congratulate Emergency One, wish it well and are delighted to support its efforts through the team at Scottish Enterprise.”

Emergency One built the electric fire appliance as part of its move to more sustainable products supported by a grant from Scottish Enterprise in 2020.

The manufacturer has also been supported by the economic development agency’s international arm, Scottish Development International, in its international growth ambitions to secure its first French export contract with Hérault Fire Service.

Mike Madsen, Managing Director of Emergency One said: “The development of zero emission fire and rescue vehicles is business critical in a green thinking economy and we are proud to be working with a leading French Fire and Rescue Service to put the first electric fire appliance into service on the European mainland.”

“Not only is the electric route safer for the environment but also the firefighters themselves and we are proud of the technology and progress to market of the E1 EV0™ the world’s first fully electric fire appliance that highlights Scottish innovation.”

Emergency One’s International Business Development Manager Malcolm Etridge added: “Any export journey can be a long and complex process and absolutely key to our recent export success of the EV0 is the involvement of Scottish Development International (SDI) both in helping to promote the concept but also provide clarity about local culture and appropriate marketing strategies.”

The Worlds First Fully Electric Fire Engine, the E1 EV0

Global Head of Trade – Science and Technology at Scottish Enterprise Sharon McKendry said: “We are proud to have worked with Emergency One over many years. The company is a brilliant example of an innovative Scottish manufacturer with export ambitions that is taking its sustainable fire appliances to serve markets across the world and is grasping the opportunities of climate change.

“The company’s contract with Hérault Fire Services, that covers a population of over 1 million people, will act as a springboard to gain additional sales on the French market. It is fantastic to see this success from the firm that brought us the world’s first fully electric fire appliance, built in Scotland that is saving lives and the planet.”

“Scottish Enterprise aims to support companies like Emergency One to enter new markets and take Scotland’s innovative products and services to international markets.”

The E1 EVO ™ is the world’s first fully electric fire appliance, with zero emissions as combines electric technology both whilst driving and operating its fire pump, setting the appliance apart from other “hybrid” vehicles that are available that offer a far more restricted range.

Emergency One has manufactured a vehicle that is capable of the identical operational capacity as those powered by fossil fuelled engines. More on the E1 EV0 at:

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Emergency Services Show 2021

Emergency One and Clan Tools attend The Emergency Services Show 2021

Emergency One Group Ltd (E1) returned to the world of exhibits on September 5th at The Emergency Services Show, Birmingham. Steven Bell, Director stated “It was great to return to The Emergency Services Show after two years and showcase everything we had been working on during that time. It was great to see all our customers, and despite the ongoing pandemic we benefitted from a great turnout and a lot of interest!”.

A number of new and exciting vehicles were on display including the E1 EV0, Fat Truck, Isle of Mans Enhanced Rescue Vehicle (ERV) and the Magirus M32L-As. This marked the E1 EV0’s first proper public appearance after its digital launch. We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from our customers finally seeing it up close.

Not only was it the E1 EV0’s first exhibition but ESS also marked the Debut into the UK of our new product the Fat Truck. This off-road beast is one of a kind, fitted with Tier 5 CE marked engine the Fat Truck is the best in it’s league.

Not only did Emergency One Group blow away the competition with its market leading appliances but Clan Tools also debuted the brand-new Lukas e3 range, the first time the equipment has been displayed to customers in the United Kingdom.

The new Lukas e3 range was launched at the beginning of August, with brand new features including the unique dashboard and roll warning functions, it’s now easier than ever to be in control. It is the first product on the market that gives the user direct feedback during an incident through the performance diagnostics and can be used in salt water! We now have a range of demonstration equipment here for you to try.

Also new to our range and at the show for the first time was the Fotokite tethered UAS (umaned aerial system). The Fotokite Sigma provides firefighters with a birds eye 360 degree view of any situation. The unique design reduces the need for the same level of training as would be expected from traditional drones allowing for an almost seamless integration into your equipment. With easy to use features such as one touch to deploy and land, with the option for 24 hour operation it really is a safe fast and reliable option in situational awareness.

Overall the show was a success and it was a pleasure to be reunited with all of our customers and firefighting enthusiasts! If you were at the show and would like more information on any of the products displayed then please get in touch, we would be happy to provide you with more information. See you all again soon.

Emergency One Apprenticeship Programme

Apprenticeship at Emergency One

Get into Vehicle Engineering

The Recent economic impacts from Covid-19 have left many of Scotland’s Youth unable to secure employment, now more than ever it is important to support our youth.

We have teamed up with The Prince’s Trust Scotland to provide a free, short course where young persons between 16-19 will gain industry skills and training, complete a work placement and be guaranteed an interview for an engineering apprenticeship. The course, which lasts two weeks, grows in popularity each year with 40 young people from Ayrshire attending the previous ‘Get into Engineering’ day. During the course attendees learn various skills and suitable workplace behaviours in order to better prepare themselves for their interviews. They are also informed on what job roles would be available and what life would be like as an engineering apprentice.

After the course in completed, all of the young people who were successful in securing an apprenticeship are supplied with a tool kit funded by a Prince’s Trust Development Award to ensure that they have everything they need to start their career. In the last few years, Ayrshire College has been brought in as the apprenticeship trainer, with the apprentices attending day release throughout their time in work. This allows the apprentices to gain work experience as well as furthering their academic learning in relation to their trade. To be in with the chance of gaining an apprenticeship here at Emergency One all you have to do is leave your details HERE 

Morgan Middlemiss, Operations Manager, The Prince’s Trust said: “It’s vital that we work with local businesses to provide opportunities for our young people. Our partnership with Emergency One is a fantastic example of how we can combine our expertise to support young people in learning skills, building their confidence and in gaining experience and opportunity to secure sustainable employment.”

Emergency One apprentices , Fire Engine Manufacturers

The Prince’s Trust and Emergency One have worked together for a number of years providing young people with the opportunity to learn the valuable skills needed to complete their trade. The apprenticeship course lasts four years and works alongside Ayrshire college. The mix between working in a successful manufacturing/engineering setting and gaining further education provides our apprentices with the foundation they need to start a career in the industry. Some of the Board of Directors have come up through this apprenticeship programme, including Production Director, Brian Girvan.

Brian Girvan, Production Director of emergency one said: “I started with Emergency One at the age of 16 as an apprentice coachbuilder, after a four-year apprenticeship I continued to focus on my trade, work hard and develop my skills, which has resulted in me now being a director within the company. None of which would have been possible without having the opportunity to take part in this apprenticeship programme.”

Apprentices, Emergency One, British Manufacturing, Fire engine

The Trust has helped over one million young people to date and supports thousands of young Scots each year.. The benefits from this partnership are evident through the praise of those that have been involved. Last year eight new apprentices directly benefitted from this program in many ways, including gaining new skills, becoming more confident individuals, and giving them a good start in life. Aran Chidwick, 20, Mechanical fitter stated “I passed my trade, I have my own car and will soon have my own house. None of this would have been possible if I never got involved with The Prince’s Trust and Emergency One apprenticeship programme.”

To learn more information about The Prince’s Trust visit their website. 

To find more information on the apprenticeship programme here at Emergency One contact [email protected] 

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Lukas eWXT

Lukas eWXT 


The eDraulic Watertight Extrication Tools offer the usual powerful performance, high speed and proven safety of LUKAS rescue tools combined with the technological innovations of an axial piston pump, an electromagnetic service valve and a brushless motor. In addition, there is Lukas’ latest innovation: All eWXTs are liquid-protected rescue tools that enable operations in heavy rain, flood or even under water. Every single technical component has been made waterproof on its own.

Therefore, all eWXTs fulfil the protection class IP 58 and can be used for up to 1 hour at a water depth of 3m. The series includes the waterproof rescue battery with 5 Ah or 9 Ah battery, both equipped with the longest operating time in the industry. This can even be replaced under water if necessary.


  • All technical components have been made watertight
  • All eWXT tools meet the IP 58 protection class
  • Can be operated for up to 1 hour at a water depth of 3 m under water


  • Lower noise emission
  • More compact design: thus, shorter overall working tool


  • Reduced working noise and longer life
  • More torque and more power – with smaller dimensions
  • Less susceptible mechanical parts
  • Less energy consumption and thus longer tool runtime with one battery charge
  • Electronic speed control ensures that the working speed of the unit remains constant up to the maximum load


  • Watertight 5 Ah battery, watertight 9 Ah battery: most powerful on the world market
  • Improved handling of the slide-in or locking mechanism
  • Both batteries are equipped with the longest operating time in the industry
  • Can also be replaced under water if required


  • Usual star knob valve with very easy handling
lukas rescue equipment, watertight tools, rescue tools, supplied by emergency one
lukas rescue equipment, rescue tools, exwt, watertight, supplied by emergencyone, fire engine manufactures in the UK
lukas rescue equipment, rescue tools, exwt, watertight, supplied by emergencyone, fire engine manufactures in the UK

R 520 eWXT

The LUKAS rescue rams not only impress with a convincing lifting power, a particularly firm grip thanks to the “claw geometry” and a particularly long stroke, they can also be used flexibly. For example, our telescopic rescue cylinders are available in three different lengths, which can be used as required. The R 520 eWXT has a minimum retracted height and can therefore be used with even the smallest insertion opening. Its claw technology bites into any material and in any position. The small giant is waterproof like the entire eWXT range and is equipped with a 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue battery. The 9 Ah battery offers the longest operating time in the industry.

S 788 eWXT

The S 788 eWXT is the successor to the S 788 E2. Our thousandfold proven all-rounder among the cutting machines. With the new eWXT product range, this cutter also benefits from the “Fresh-Up”. With less weight, a more compact design with identical power values, the balance of the rescue system has been significantly improved once again. The S 788 eWXT is also a fluid-protected cutter. Operations in heavy rain, floods or even under water are no problem, because it is waterproof. Matching the series are the 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue batteries with the longest operating time in the industry.

SP 555 eWXT

The LUKAS SP 555 eWXT is the light middle class with unlimited power. Lifting loads, spreading material and peeling and pulling is no problem because handling has been improved by reducing weight. Due to squeeze plates, which are directly integrated into both spreader arms, there is no compromise for any material. The “Shark-Tooth-Tips” also provide the right grip and prevent any slipping. But that’s not all, because the SP 555 eWXT is a liquid-protected rescue system. Operations in heavy rain, floods or even under water are no problem because it is waterproof. The series includes the 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue battery with the longest operating time in the industry.

lukas rescue ram, ewxt, rescue equipment, tool, supplied by emergency one, uk, manufacturer of fire and rescue appliances
lukas ewxt spreader, rescue tool, rescue equipment, supplied by emergency one fire engine manufactures


To find out more about the eWXT range or to request a demo contact [email protected]

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Leader Fire Training Equipment

Leader Fire Training Equipment

Learn more about Leaders range of Fire Training Equipment. 

Specially designed for fire safety trainers, the LEADER range of fire training equipment can be used to organise particularly realistic and dynamic fire training. Any company firefighting policy would be incomplete without training on what to do in the event of a fire. For over 20-year, LEADER has designed and manufactured fire training equipment like flame generators which perfectly meets the training  requirements of any company’s fire safety officers, whilst respecting the environment, health, and learner safety requirements.

Fire fighter, firefighter training, fire extinguisher, safety, sustainable,

Leader is one of the forerunners in the design and manufacture of propane gas supplied fire extinguisher trainers. A fire trainer/flame generator that allows for the reduction of the impact on the environment, whilst reproducing intense and realistic fires with a flame height of up to 3m.

To personalise training and familiarise learners with all fire situations, LEADER has designed training modules compatible with all fire trainers (also called flame generators). These modules can simulate specific situations such as:

  • Computer screen fires
  • Bin fires
  • Power cabinet fires
  • Motor fires
  • Aerosol explosions

LEADER fire training modules allows learners to:

  • Recognise the type of fire (Class, A, B, C, D or F fire).
  • Select the correct extinguisher (spray water extinguisher, water + additive, powder, CO2 or foam).
  • Use the correct technique to extinguish the fire (spraying extinguishing agent over the fire, covering the fire with a wet cloth, etc.).

In order to supplement the fire training equipment range, Leader, the well known fire training equipment supplier, also offers different types of refillable extinguishes for fire extinguisher training; (auxiliary pressure extinguisher, permanent pressure extinguish, CO2 extinguisher). LEADER also supplies smoke generators able to create realistic smoke for safe evacuation exercises and training.

firefighter, training, firefighters, manufacturing, leader, emergency one, equipment, extinguisher, health and safety

The LEADER fire training equipment range perfectly meets the needs of fire training for any company staff whilst respecting the environment and health and safety requirements. Totally autonomous and supplied by a rechargeable 12v battery, the environmentally friendly flame simulator can be used for training without polluting or leaving residue on site (ash, non-consumer hydrocarbons). There is no need to add wood, hydrocarbons, or other fuels to the fire.

Specific Products

Fire Trainer / Flame Generator Pyros 3

Pyros 3, the most powerful fire trainer in the range, produces very powerful flames (up to 3 meters high) and high thermal radiation for realistic and impressive training. For safe training, closer to the trainee, the fire trainer is equipped with a control panel and remote controls for perfect control of the fire (ignition, extinction and flame height) and control of the gas supply. The water in the pan allows a homogenous distribution of the fire on all the surface of the pan giving it a strong thermal radiation with flames rising up to 3m high. PYROS 3, the largest flame generator in the range, has a very large fire surface area of 0.83m2.


PYROS fire trainer is well-equipped to be able to carry out training with full safety:

  • Two remote controls supplied for controlling the fire (ignition and extinction) at distance. A handy wireless remote control to accompany the trainee towards the fire, without cable and wired remote control.
  • Integrated solenoid valve for automatic and immediate gas control.
  • Emergency stop button located on the console.

PYROS 3 fire trainer has been specifically designed for ease of use:

  • Easy drainage ensured by handles for secure handling of the pan and wheels that allow the pan to be moved easily and titled effortlessly.
  • Storage space next to the igniter for the wired and wireless remote controls.
  • Storage space under the console to accommodate a bottle of a gas.

PYROS 3 Fire trainers is equipped with a control console:

  • Lightweight and stable.
  • Easy to transport: store in pan during transport.
  • Control of flame height with 2 gas supply taps and 1 flow rate adjuster.
  • 1 pressure gauge for continuous gas pressure monitoring.
  • 1 emergency stop button.
  • Possible to connect 1 to 2 bottles of industrial-type propane gas or 4 bottles of domestic gas.

Fire Trainer / Flame Generator AEROS 2

The AEROS 2 fire trainer is the ideal compromise between the power of PYROS 3 and the compactness of GF42. With a fire surface area of 0.50m2, it generates flames of 1.50m high. Compact and lightweight, it is easily transportable. With a weight of 20.8 Kg, AEROS 2 fire trainer is easily transportable. The water in the pan allows a homogenous distribution of the fire on all the surface of the pan creating an impressive oil-slick fire effect with flames rising to 1.50m high. AEROS 2 is equipped with a wired remote control for controlling the fire (ignition and extinction) at distance. In addition, the fire trainer has an integrated solenoid valve for automatic and instantaneous gas control.

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AEROS 2 flame generator has been specially designed for ease of use:

  • Easy drainage thanks to the flame generator tilting legs.
  • Increased ground contact surfaces areas, allowing it to be used on soft ground.

Fire Trainer / Flame Generator GF42

Compact, lightweight, the GF42 fire trainer is easy to carry in a vehicle. Water-free, it is simple and quick to set-up. With a fire surface of 0.42m2 it generates flames with a maximum height of 1.20m. The GF42 is 63cm wide and 70cm long and weighs 14.3kg, allowing it to be easily transported and stored in a car boot. Fire training without water, the GF42 requires no preparation before use, no water filling necessary.Firefighters, fire training, healthy and safety, extinguishing, fire, rescue, equipment



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Welcome to Europe Fotokite!

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Welcome To Europe Fotokite!

Emergency One are proud to be a distributor for Fotokite and are happy to welcome them to the European market.

The Fotokite Sigma provides firefighters with mission-critical situational awareness from elevated perspectives. Fotokite’s actively tethered UAS (unmanned aerial system) saves fleet resources by launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button; no piloting necessary. Fotokite Sigma is authorised and recognised by aviation authorities as a safer alternative to traditional tethered drones and free-flying public safety drone systems.Fotokite, Emergency One, Fire Engine, Firefighting Equipment

Deployed with the single push of a button, Fotokite Sigma does not require any setup time, calibration, or piloting. Within seconds, you and your team will be able to access aerial overviews of your incident scene to heights of 45m/150ft with the safety and reliability that firefighters demand. With 24-hour flight time and without any piloting needed, Fotokite allows for true, everyday autonomous flight. This gives fleets actionable information throughout their missions and unlocks the ability to capture full incident response records without interruption. An integrated mobile data modem also optionally streams both cameras remotely to user-specified IP addresses.

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Fotokite Live is Fotokite Sigma’s native operating software. Mission critical situational awareness information is continuously available on included tablets and allows fleets to make information-driven decisions through a simple, straightforward interface. Fotokite Live’s simplicity is a testament to Fotokite’s unique technology and public safety focus: no joysticks are present to operate the system due to the fully autonomous capabilities of the Fotokite sigma. Allowing first responders to simply and safely operate their systems without drawing resources or adding operational complexity.Tablet for Fotokite Sigma, Emergency One, Firefighting equipment

The main features:

  • 24h Operation: operate as long as your mission needs it. Integration into the power supply from your vehicle keeps the Fotokite sigma operational for the duration of your mission.
  • Safe & Reliable in any Weather: reliability is one of the cornerstones of Fotokite’s technologies. While normal public safety drone use is widely limited in inclement weather conditions, Fotokite actively tethered UAS is regularly deployed in rain, snow, and windy conditions.
  • Field tested. Firefighter Approved: From live fire responses to search and recue missions. Firefighters are now using the Fotokite Sigma on a daily basis as an essential tool for their mission.

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The Fotokite Sigma is available in three configurations: Rooftop Box, Transport Case and Tray mount. The Rooftop Box configuration is Fotokite’s flagship configuration enabling elevated situational awareness immediately and completely hands-free. Designed for integration into a range of various vehicle types, the Rooftop configuration deploys with the single push of a button. The Transport Case configuration allows the use of the Fotokite Sigma interchangeably between vehicles and offers incident response scene flexibility when deploying the system. The Tray Mount configuration allows the close integration of Fotokite systems into the side compartments of any apparatus.

Field Tester. Firefighter Approved.

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