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BioEx Equipment

Since 1998, BIOex has been designing, producing and selling foam concentrates used for firefighting of all types, and more especially New Generation ecological foam concentrates.

BIOex’s is commited tooffering safety and firefighting professionals an increasingly wide range of 100% fluorine free ecological foam concentrates!

In 2002 BIOex had already made a commitment to protecting our environment by launching ECOPOL, the first fluorine free foam concentrate in the world! Today, thanks to a major research and development effort, BIOex designs and produces new generation fluorine free foam concentrates tested and recognised by our customers all over the world.

BIOex foam concentrates have obtained various certifications relative to their performance – EN1568, ISO7203, ICAO, OMI, VERITAS, LASTFIRE, GESIP, UL, APSAD R12 – in order to guarantee you an optimum extinguishing performance.

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